• OPIS

Place: Andels hotel, Łódź | Time: 24.11.2016 - 15.12.2016
Exhibition curator: Jan Sętowski (IRON OXIDE) | Space curator: Lucyna Sosnowska
Photo: Urszula Tarasiewicz

The exhibition RUDERAL REALM presents the latest series of paintings, in which Monstfur explores the subject of the world altered by human activity, where the invasive flora struggles with man’s interference.
Concrete ruins, rusty fences, landfills with all kinds of rubbish are juxtaposed with various plants – the ones which are prickling, toxic, or resistant to harsh environmental conditions.
The fight is such a commonplace phenomenon on the arena of urban space as to become invisible to its inhabitants. Changing the scale and context makes
it perceptible to the human eye. The aesthetic layer shows the means of expression known from Monstfur’s previous works,
such as metal bases, screwed-on fragments of steel plates, or of course the multi-layered, hand-cut stencil.